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    POWERED UP des questions?

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    Dans le LAN (je suis ambassadeur du nouveau ROBOTMAK3RS RLOC) il y a un post de KIM concernant le nouveau system POWERED UP et les ambassadeur ont jusqu'au 21 pour postuler des questions/suggestions qui seront transmisent à l'équipe technologique de LEGO pour réponses/considerations.

    Voici le msg en Anglais

    Dear Ambassadors,

    We've noticed a need in the community for more information on the Powered Up! System.

    Therefore I had a meeting today with members of the technology team behind the system and I've agreed with them the following actions:

    Collect any questions the community has on the new system, for example compability with WeDo, number of items which can be connected and so forth.
    Collect any wishes the community has on the new system, for example access to software, schematics and so forth

    This is done for one full week - until 13.00 CEST June 21st

    Once the deadline comes, all questions and wishes will be forwarded to the technology team for answering and consideration.

    Posted on: 15/06/2018 10:15

    Re: POWERED UP des questions?

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    Oh non! De la concurrence!
    Copiez le texte et collez-le dans pour le francais.

    Voici les questions lancées jusqu'à maintenant :

    How many Powered Up hubs can I control with a single remote?

    The range on the remote has been reported to be only 3-4 meters. What range is Powered Up supposed to have?

    How can I put lights on my train with this new system?

    Is there any kind of backward compatibility with Power Functions?

    Can I use the Powered Up remote with the WeDo hub?

    Can I use the Powered Up remote with the Boost hub?

    The Boost motor only stays on as long as I press a + or - button on the remote (bang-bang remote). This makes sense as it is a servo motor. However, the M motor (WeDo) might need either graded control (if used on a train) or bang-bang controls (if used in a car). Will we be able to define the behaviour of motors depending on our needs?

    (When) will we get an SDK?

    1) In designing the new system, did the team consult any LEGO train fans?

    2) If not, why not?

    3) Will the new system roll out to the Techinc line and if so, has consideration been given to the frequent use of more then 2 motors in many Technic MOCs?

    4) Is there plans to bring out a rechargeable HUB

    5) Will the Power Function 1.0 line be discontinued and if so, when?

    Will it be possible to "sync" two or train motors together so that one or more locomotive can pull a long train? This occurs inherently with 9V track powered designs, but has been tricky since then.

    Will LEGO consider a bogie that picks up power off of the legacy 9V metal clad track. I know that I sound like a broken record on this question... but for shows and such, using track power is much easier / cost effective / better for the environment than batteries. In the past, I have suggested this could be marketed as a professional series, or something similar, of LEGO train product.

    I completely agree with the need for sharing the SDK. I would start with Android and iPhone... but also might consider popular platforms such as Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

    Is this the path that LEGO intends to go? Reasonable smart motors, and BT connection?

    If so, maybe someone from Billund can drop a few definite words on this to the community, because at the moment there are a lot of questions where the answers are quite important for future developments.

    So far, it looks like the connectors of Boost and WeDo 2.0 are compatible to the new Train Receiver, although the motors behave differently. But a lot of questions remain, and I (and probably many others here) would like to hear some answers from the source. I posted some in a discussion in "Leaks" already, but will post them here in the hope we can get a list of questions and definitive answers.

    Will LEGO handle the protocols openly (Both the BT protocol and whatever is happening on the cable)? I've seen a lot of resources being spent in the AFOL scene to do a reverse engineering job already.

    It looks as if the BT pairing between the trains' Controller and the Receiver is done at startup. Is there any way to "nail a pairing down"? Imagine I have a Controller C(A) and a Receiver R(A) to control my first train, and another set C(B) and R(B) to control my second train. Now I restart the whole layout on the next day, can I be sure that C(A) still connects to R(A) and not to R(B)?

    Why do the WeDo/Boost motors behave differently on the train remote than the train motors? Is it possible to somehow make the WeDo/Boost motors to behave like the train motor, so one can build a train MOC that runs with the WeDo/Boost motor?

    I know LEGO does not like to answer questions about "future products", but will the train receiver and the motor be available as replacement parts/separate items, like with the PF parts?

    In extension to the last question, what about adapters between the WeDo/Boost standard and PF? And while we are there, how would a motor on such an adapter behave? Like a WeDo/Boost motor or like the new train motor? Or will there be two kinds of adapters?

    It would be nice to get better lighting options this time, too!

    Is the socket and plug something cooked up and patented by LEGO, or are these parts actually available on the market? There are so many things that LEGO will never do because it would only be of interest for a very small AFOL market, but we are dedicated to no end. But for creating our own solutions, a proper connector would be nice. Even if is something trivial like a proper cable extension.

    How about something like the WeDo 1.0 USB adapter, but for the new system? OK, you won't be able to run a hydraulic press with the power one can drain from the USB port, but this could be interesting for non-mobile models and/or lighting.

    What about other kinds of motors, like servo, linear, and more powerful versions?

    Does the new system support sensors in the train receiver? Or is this a Boost/WeDo only thing? I'd like to have (and will probably have to build it myself, not that this would be a problem) an RFID reader that I would like to plug in the train receiver, so I could get feedback into a controlling app about RFID cards (embedded in our train tracks) which the train passed.

    Will you help AFOLs with train MOCs and layouts converting to the new system, i.e. with a (limited) discount or offer of a special bulk order on motors or adapters, controllers, and receivers? Keep in mind that if you want to promote this system, get people to talk enthusiastically about it. And there are quite some events before Christmas that will show some LEGO train layouts.

    - Can we expect adapters to connect PF 1.0 components to the new Powered Up parts?

    - Is there any way to stack the new connectors like the PF 1.0 ones?

    - Are there any limitations of the physical controller versus the app (apart from the sound effects)?

    - Is it possible to program the physical controller, e.g. to assign outputs/hubs to the different buttons?

    - Will all different Powered Up components (Boost, train, etc) be able to communicate and control each other, e.g. running a Boost program sequence using a Powered Up hub or using sensors with Powered Up hubs?

    Formulating wishes might be difficult without seeing the big picture and the questions below might not be answered since these are related to future products, but if no answer can be provided then please treat them as hints/wishes.

    - Will we have a different physical controller for the Technic line that is similar to the PF 1.0 one? Technic creations might benefit from the ability to build on the controller, like the one of 9398.

    - Are there any plans to create a PF 2.0 motor comparable in characteristics to the old RC buggy motor?

    - Can we expect to see the Boost-style programming abilities and the possibility to use sensors in the Technic line as well? SBrick already has sequences, sensor and Scratch compatibility, would be great to see something similar.


    I note that the community is already reverse engineering the system and someone on Eurobricks claims that they will have an App built for it this weekend. ... =comments#comment-2980236

    Posted on: 15/06/2018 10:35

    Edited by pbegin on 15/06/2018 10:52:04
    Edited by pbegin on 15/06/2018 10:52:50

    Re: POWERED UP des questions?

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    Posted on: 06/08/2018 22:07

    Re: POWERED UP des questions?

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    Voici un dépôt GitHub avec toutes les spécifications LEGO Power Up...

    the GitHub repo is here:

    Posted on: 21/12/2018 14:16

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